maddy (sterre) wrote in likebolivia,

picspam #9 (supernatural: 1.04 phantom traveler)

* with 1 demon cap and the occassional gratuitous necessary pretty cap.

Oh, Supernatural. Oh, boys. Oh, show.

Strangely, whenever I think about picspamming this show, this episode is one of the two I always think of first (the other is Roadkill). So, since this episode comes first, it's being done first (Roadkill coming soon to a flist near you!). I love this episode. We get our first demon possession, yay! And oh, Jensen's faces! Hilarious. And damn, I really miss Sam's hair from season 1 and 2. And they wear suits.

This picspam is a little different from what I usually do. There are no words beyond the cut (okay, aside from the cap credit). No quotes, no commentary. Usually this is a turn-off for me. I love to read quotes and remember them being spoken outloud. I love to know people's opinions on tv shows and movies I love. But this time, I've decided to make it just about the screencaps, just about the visuals. Supernatural is a pretty show (not just the people), it's beautifully shot, so why not show that off a bit? :)

The caps are also fairly large, 709x380. There are 52 of them. Not dail-up friendly.

Tags: + picspam, tv: supernatural

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